Cerasee Botanicals Spa and Bath Shoppe

    We Are An eco-Friendly Family owned business located in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  

    We manufacture all our products - from ingredients sourced locally and internationally. We are trained aromatherapists and have the ability to formulate a wide range of products including soaps, skin care products and herbal spa products.

    CerAsee Products are biodegradeable,  minimally packaged and cruelty free.  Since we manufacture all our products, we formulate products that are free from petro-chemicals, animal fats,TEA (Triethanolamine), DEA (cocamide diethanolamine), triclosan, parabens, or sulfates. To this end, we believe in using natural and locally grown raw materials as much as possible.

    Our retail location, cerAsee Botanicals, Spa and Bath Shoppe,  gives us the creativity to make exotic soaps, body scrubs, creams, lotions, facial products, hair care products and a wide variety of candles and custom gift packaging. We carry a wide assortment of soaps: Essential oil soaps, natural laundry soaps, sea salt soap and beer soap to name a few. This location gives us an opportunity to make custom creams and soaps for clients with specific skin allergies and ailments.

    Our soaps are therapeutic and skin loving. We make soaps the old fashioned way, We make both cold processed soaps which are cured for 6 months before selling. Also hot processed soaps which are kettle cooked in small batches, polished, stamped and hand wrapped. We use natural vegan ingredients like cold pressed Jamaican coconut oil, olive, palm oil, shea nut and cocoa butter, blue mountain coffee to name a few. 

    Our goal is to create therapeutic, natural skin care products that is affordable for all. Providing the best to Jamaica and taking the best of Jamaica to the world.

    PSL, Pretti Slippery Limited is our manufacturing company where we make all our products.  In 2010 we started trading under DBAs - ISLAND BOTANICALS for soaps and Tropical Scents for our palm wax candles. 


    cerAsee Botanicals Spa & Bath Shoppe 
    11 Fairfield Rd, West Green, 
    Montego Bay, Jamaica (behind West Indian Gallery)